Amy Whitlock Jennings, President of Whitlock Writings, has over 25 years of grant writing experience; spanning a variety of different community organizations. She has developed local, county, state, and federal proposals many of which allowed her to secure funding for a variety of projects to assist underserved populations with access to education (private and public) and healthcare. Amy has successfully secured over $150 million in grant funding and authored three successful Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants. Before starting Whitlock Writings, LLC, she worked as a grant professional for the sixth and seventh largest public healthcare system in the United States. During this time, she wrote many successful proposals to provide training and improve the workforce in healthcare. Workforce development programs have included incumbent worker and new employee programs. Prior to healthcare, she worked in public and charter school systems developing full services schools, after-school programs, and dental, mental health and medical services. Amy wrote successful proposals to obtain operational funding for many charter schools as well as Department of Education proposals for high-needs schools. She has also written many successful proposals for community-based social service organizations and higher education institutions.


In 2008, Amy was one of the first people in the nation to become a Grant Professional Certified through Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI). Since then, Amy has annually presented a study session for the Grant Professional Certification examination at the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) national conference. She is also a co-author of the Study Guide and Bibliography: Support for the Grant Professional Certification Institute Examination, first and second editions. In addition to the study guide, Amy co-authored an article for the Journal of the American Association of Grant Professionals (now known as the GPA) titled Group Approach to Studying for the Grant Professional Certification Examination. The article outlined the approach the members of the Broward County GPA Chapter utilized while studying for the first Grant Professional Certification examination. Amy also quarterly authors Grantseeking Quicktips articles for Thompson Publishing Group, Local/State Funding Report. Amy is a member of the GPA and the Broward County Chapter of GPA of which she has served as the Secretary (2009, 2010). She is also a volunteer for the GPCI.


In addition to her work with the GPA and GPCI, Amy is a member of several professional and community organizations. She has served as chairperson for the Schools of Wellness Initiative 2003-2007; board member for the Florida Partnership for Access to Sickle Cell Services 2005; member of the Broward County Quality of Life Council 2005; and preceptor at Florida International University 2007. Amy has also served as a member of Institutional Review Board, Broward Health 2005; Office of Diversity Mentorship Program, Broward Health 2005; Florida Public Health Association 2008; and National Association of Professional Women 2008. She has also participated in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Engaging Policymakers; Local Initiative Funding Partners CONNECT on Capitol Hill in 2005. 


Amy received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University and her Master’s in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. The Business Plan she authored for her Master’s thesis was fully funded for $1.5 million to implement school-based medical services in Indianapolis, Indiana (2000). This program is still operating today. 

Current Memberships and Affiliations:

  • National Grant Professional Association
  • Broward County Chapter of the Grant Professional Association
  • Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI)